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501(c)3 Tax Exemption for a new California NonProfit Corporation or Association or attaining IRS Tax Exempt recognition for an existing California NonProfit Corporation can be confusing with the number of state and federal filings that are necessary to bring you to full state and federal compliance. If you intend to start a new California Non Profit Corporation or you're currently operating a California NonProfit Organization and seeking recognition as an IRS Tax Exempt Organization, Tax Free Charity specializes in helping you become fully compliant with the I.R.S. and the 3 California government agencies that have mandatory filing requirements for all California Public Benefit NonProfit, California NonProfit Religious and California NonProfit Mutual Benefit Corporations along with California Unincorporated NonProfit Associations.

We're the fastest to bring you to Exemption- we currently have clients receiving their IRS 501(c)3 Letter of Determination following 1023 application submission in:

Tax Free Charity has been helping establish fully compliant Non Profit and Tax Exempt Corporations and Associations throughout the United States since 1983. We help start 501(c)3 Charitable Organizations and any of the other 25 types of 501(c) Organizations to which the IRS grants Tax Exemption. We're based in California where NonProfit oversight is the most highly regulated in the United States, and we have extensive experience at California NonProfit Formation and Compliance.

From Medical Research to Animal Rescue, Green Technology to International Assistance and Autism and The Arts to Youth Sports, Religious, Housing and Political Action Committees, our experience will help you to understand the legitimate concerns of the Internal Revenue Service and how your planned activities fit into their approval methods.

We guarantee the lowest fees for starting a fully compliant California Non Profit 501(c)3 Tax Exempt Corporation. There's no cost to find out how we can assist you in setting up your Nonprofit. Call us for a Free Phone or Office Consultation at:

(310) 963-7640

Some of the many types of International, National and California Non Profit Corporations we've helped to obtain IRS Tax Exempt status are:

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